Your body is uniquely your own. And right down to its cellular level, it has its own incredible inner genetic potential. Tired of being tired? Want to wake up pain free? Want to go further, faster, for longer? And potentially add years to your life? The key is locked inside you. We’ll help you unlock it…

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NU. Made just for you.

Personalised longevity solutions, unique to your biology.

As unique individuals we all age differently. At NU, we are pioneering the new paradigm in health and wellbeing — towards the personalised future of improved healthspan and longevity.


We’re the first company that looks at what makes you, YOU on a cellular level, empowering you to make noticeable progress towards a longer, healthier life through an engaging journey of self-exploration. And helping you reach your evolutionary potential.   

NU is customised.  It’s bespoke science, made for you.  

NU goes deeper. Gathering your unique biological data on an unprecedented in-depth level.  

NU is a complete solution. From curated recommendations to personalised supplements to expert advice. 

Our Solution


We’re innovating the first personal recommendation engine focused on longevity, which uses your unique biological data to tailor-make lifestyle recommendations that will help you live your best, longest life.  

This is complemented by dietary and fitness advice, together with personalised supplements, which are designed to ignite and enhance your cellular and microbiome biology and maximise your longevity potential.

Our Science


We believe in a world where health and diet are no longer guesswork. Where you know how your biology works and can take action to provide optimal support for your cellular health.

Our unique solutions stem from the molecular basis of the Hallmarks of Ageing. We’re using machine learning to understand the complex and intertwining biological mechanisms of genetics, cellular metabolism and related ageing processes.

That means we can provide you with an easy-to-understand Biology “CV”, reports and recommendations, with easily-doable insights that are tailored to your unique longevity journey.  

Know yourself, change yourself.

Our unique AI-driven longevity reports are grounded in your genetics – with the deeper insights of your blood physiology and microbiome profile adding a more complete picture of your functional health scores.

Our reports allow us to adapt and customise your changing longevity needs throughout your longevity journey, and provide you with the most up-to-date recommendations available.

4 Steps Towards a Nu You

Step 1

Test yourself

After you sign up, we’ll send sample collection kits to your door.
Step 2

Know yourself

Through in-depth analysis, we’ll provide you with your unique Biology CV and a complete health report.
Step 3

Take action

Start living longevity every day, with our customised supplements and lifestyle recommendations.
Step 4

Track your progress

Track every step of your longevity journey through your personalised digital dashboard.

From now on longevity recommendations are on us
and we are excited to see you shine in our Community.

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