Younger for Longer.

Younger for Longer.

Personal longevity platform, unique to your biology

As unique individuals we all age differently. At Longevize, we are pioneering the new paradigm in health and wellbeing — towards the personalised future of improved healthspan and longevity.

Biohacking Done Right.

Make your biology work for you — drive your health through precision supplementation and the right lifestyle choices.


Your body is the most valuable vehicle in your life – the older it gets, the more maintenance it needs. And the better you maintain it, the longer it will serve you well.

A well-maintained old-timer can run as smoothly as a new model. Neglected, it will rust and frail rapidly.

Longevize’s integrative and holistic approach, rooted in deep science, makes it the only SYSTEMS BIOLOGY based LONGEVITY LIFESTYLE DESIGN platform on the market today.

We provide the most comprehensive and unique longevity-focused supplement formula that directly supports your cellular health, along with personalised longevity lifestyle and dietary recommendations suited to you.

Our products are based on cutting edge science, highest quality ingredients, and tailored to your unique biology to systemically target key hallmarks of ageing. Conveniently delivered to your door.

We make longevity a hassle free and affordable personal choice.

Our Pillars of Success:





Four easy steps.


Own your biology

After you sign up, sample collection kits will be delivered to your door to test your unique biology.

Simple, easy to use home-testing kits to collect your saliva and stool samples, whereas blood sampling will be done by a certified lab or with the help of a phlebotomist service providers local to you.


Knowledge is power

Our AI-powered analysis will provide you with your Biology CV and a comprehensive health report.

You will receive your personalised deep-dive into your unique systems biology, with an explanation of your key longevity and health drivers – a science backed basis for your longevity lifestyle recommendations, helping you make smarter and more informed decisions about your daily habits and nutrition.


Make your biology work for you

Scientifically tailored personalised supplements will be on their way to you, in addition to online access to your personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Monthly supply of your personalised supplementation conveniently delivered to your door. Continuous access to your personalised nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations (including proprietary fasting programmes) via My Longevize platform.


You are in control

Track the progress of your longevity journey with regular re-tests and a full record of all your previous reports.

Feel the improvements and see the results. We will help you adjust your personalised supplements and fine-tune your longevity lifestyle strategies accordingly.

From now on longevity recommendations are on us and we are excited to see you shine in our Community.

The most vital investment one can make is regarding their own health, happiness, and longevity. We understand that there is no one-time magic pill and that it takes a journey to start living at your fullest potential – welcome to your Longevity Journey!

Own Your Biology.







We believe in a world where health and diet are no longer speculative — you know how your biology works and can take action to provide optimal support for your cellular health. 

Biology is engineering your future — Systems Biology is advancing rapidly, increasing our understanding of how ageing works. Our unique platform stems from the molecular basis of the Hallmarks of aging. We’re using machine learning to understand the complex and intertwining biological mechanisms of genetics, cellular metabolism and related ageing processes.

Knowledge is power — understand your unique biology and empower yourself to live a better, healthier & younger life!

Our unique AI-driven longevity reports are built on the foundation of your genetics with the added value of your blood physiology and microbiome profile completing the holistic view of your functional health scores. They form the basis for our personalised approach to our products and services – to provide you with the most up to date and science-backed supplementation formula and longevity recommendations.

Take Action Today.

Life is beautiful and worth living to the fullest. Join us on this exciting longevity journey!

Due to high demand and personalised nature of our products, we are currently accepting members through invite and referral only.

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