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At Longevize, we offer a range of products and services, from personalised recommendations and in-depth testing to customised supplement formulation. You can decide what is best for you, but for optimum results we suggest the Longevize Premium Programme.

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The Longevize Premium Longevity Programme

This programme includes


Comprehensive Systems Biology Testing and Analysis

Full systems biology testing of genome, microbiome, epigenome, telomeres and blood biomarkers. Retesting is available every 6 months.

Biology CV and Insights

The most detailed biology insights currently available on the market, featuring functional longevity scores, explanation of key longevity drivers, proprietary Age clocks and an unprecedented deep dive into your systems biology. Providing access to a life-long journey with deep insights into personal and proactive health.

Personalised Recommendations

Together with lifestyle recommendations based on your unique biology, you will receive a personalised list of recommended longevity foods to eat (and avoid) in order to support your biology.

Customised Longevity Supplements

A monthly supply of a unique personalised longevity formula with 40+ different active ingredients, which support your cellular health and longevity based on the Hallmarks of Ageing.

Access to the Longevize Community

Through the Longevize platform, you will gain access to the our community, an exclusive group of like-minded individuals all seeking to live their life to the fullest.

Your Journey

4 easy steps to a Longevized you…

1. Test yourself

After signing up, you will receive at-home kits to collect your saliva and stool. Blood sampling will be done through our testing partners. 

2. Know yourself

Our analysis will provide you with an extensive Biology CV and longevity insights, which you can access on the Longevize platform.

3. Personalised longevity

We use your unique systems biology to personalise both your lifestyle recommendations and your supplements 

  • Delivered Monthly
  • Personalised for you

4. Track your progress

Track the progress of your longevity journey with regular re-tests, and stay up to date with the latest longevity trends and recommendations through the Longevize Community. 

Comprehensive supplement formula

Longevize your day, every day, with your daily supplements that are personalised for you and based on your test results!

Morning routine

By boosting your mitochondrial and cellular function, it provides the perfect start for your metabolism to prepare you for the day ahead. 

Night routine

After a long day, it helps you to wind down and to detoxify, recycle and regenerate during your sleep. 

Your Biology on a Dashboard

Learn something new about yourself…

Using your Biology CV, you can learn about which key drivers are important to your longevity journey, as well as how you can specifically tackle them through diet, supplements and lifestyle choices. 

Your Biology on a Dashboard

Learn about yourself

Discover your Biology CV and learn about which key drivers (genes, biomarkers, microbes) are important in your longevity journey, as well as how you specifically tackle them through diet, supplements and lifestyle choices.

Why Longevize is the best for you…

Longevize empowers you to take control of your own health and ageing, with the most complete solutions available anywhere.

How do we know
when to update your
supplement formula?

Through regular re-testing and analysis of your data, we are able to update your supplement formula as and when your body needs it.

A beautiful and positive experience that almost feels like taking a journey into oneself, where you get to learn about your biology.

RoccoLongevize customer

My first impression is WOW. Great science-based and clear UX.

DennisLongevize customer

I was especially proud and loud that I have the “Olympic athlete gene” when climbing the mountains.

JannekeLongevize customer

Great job to the Longevize team. I enjoyed reading my report, especially because you have used very relevant studies in trustworthy articles and journals.

SimonLongevize customer

Recommending Longevize to my friends as we speak. As a retired professional athlete, I could only wish Longevize was here before. Now I regained my energy and I am recovering faster after exercising.

JeroenLongevize customer

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